The Engineering Solution Center accepts the real-world problems of industry and provides unique project-based solutions that are both effective and affordable

The main service we provide is technical development with project deliverables in most any technical realm for which your commercial firm could use the assistance of bright technical students, partnered with Experts in Industry.  Here are some sample service projects which have been worked on by the center, or have been under consideration by the Center with our industry partners:

  • Development of software modules in a global software package used in worldwide retail operations.  We convened several students in computer science to supplement the firm’s internal staff.
  • Development of a marketing campaign analytics system for a financial institution using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Development of a 3-D visualization graphic package to visualize product performance data
  • Development of a nutrition documenting system for medical researchers analyzing the connection between nutrition and disease recovery
  • Analysis of engineering changes due to regulatory difference in foreign electric vehicle charging station designs, versus U.S. domestic requirements.  
  • Development of a pilot project to help students with their finances
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning project for a major automotive supplier analyzing warranty data 
  • Development of environmental site assessments, including field visits and on-site analyses
  • Design and development, including CAD/CAM drawings, for a sporting goods device
  • Development of new disaster recovery models to improve outcomes
  • Six Sigma type analyses for improved product costing and supply chain optimization for an aerospace manufacturer
  • Project work for an industrial engineering construction services firm
  • Development of an in-house engineering program for automotive designers and technologists
  • Semantic and topical analyses, including sentiment analysis, of call-center data for a major U.S. manufacturer

By the list above, you can see the breadth of project types which are within the scope of things we can do at the Engineering Solution Center.  Please contact us about your project so we can be of assistance.

 Contact our Program Director, Joseph Craigif your firm is facing any technical, engineering, or computing challenges. Whether your firm wants help with Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing or any other elements of better digitalization for Industry 4.0, let our talented Wayne State Engineering and Computer Science students find the perfect solution.

Technical Projects

Expert engineers, in your project’s field of study, work alongside burgeoning student engineers to develop the best approach for your project. Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing…What is your challenge?

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Cross-Functional Project Teams

Suppose your project deliverable is a medical product.  And, let us envision that the work ranges through several stages from early to mature.  For example, it might require a business feasibility study, up-front, then an early stage design and prototype build of the product.


For this type of broad variety work, we will convene a hybrid/cross-functional team.  For example, this project may start with Business School members that perform feasibility work alongside student we locate at the Medical School.  Then, CAD/CAM Mechanical Engineering student designers and makers roll-in to develop the prototype.  

Whether your project already has a clearly defined deliverable, or is conceptual in nature, we can help.  

Let us create your hybrid team today.

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Consulting/Feasibility Analyses

Perhaps the project objectives in mind don’t include a product delivery yet, because your seeking to understand production/manufacturing feasibility. 

No problem, perhaps we will convene an Industrial Engineering student alongside a Business School  student analyst, that will work together to create a Feasibility Report. 

We work for your firm, to deliver on your specific custom objectives.  Even if you do not yet need a product or process design, but are just trying to judge feasibility, we’ll find the right mix. 

And, since most teams work with Experts in Residence, commercial experts from our alumni network, you get deep-dive student developer output, vetted by the Expert in Residence.  Working together you can be assured you will receive industry quality results.  

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