The Engineering Solution Center of the Anderson Institute accepts the real-world problems of industry and provides solutions in a unique manner with extra benefits. By teaming students with battle-tested Executives-in-Residence, the center not only ensures solutions are commercial grade, the students gain state-of-the-art experiential learning. Real-world problems get solved, while firms make a positive contribution to the success of talented Wayne State Engineering and Computer Science students. How? When a project sparks the creativity of our student interns, they are encouraged to think about forming their own venture. They get access to wide-ranging support from the Anderson Ventures Institute to help take their concepts all the way through to business launch. If your firm is facing any technical, engineering, or computing challenges. Whether your firm wants help with Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing or any other elements of better digitalization for Industry 4.0, let our talented Wayne State Engineering and Computer Science students find the perfect solution.

The Engineering Solution Center is part of the Anderson Ventures Institute, at Wayne State University